Release Date: 12/21/15 - Manchester Union Leader
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WDW Machine Inc., a precision machining and fabrication company, recently moved to a new facility to expand its operations. The company shifted its headquarters from one location on Gigante Drive, just up the road, to a new 6,000-square-foot facility at 17R Gigante Drive, said WDW spokesman Adam Webster, the company’s quality control manager.

​Unlike the old facility, the new building is climate controlled and will allow WDW to increase workflow and better serve its customers, Webster said. In the old building, WDW sometimes had to shut down early on hot summer days. High temperatures can affect the tight tolerances that the company uses in the machining process. “Something at 70 degrees measures differently than 90 degrees,” he said.

Founded in 2002, WDW’s customer base includes a mix of Fortune 1000 companies, local corporations and startups. WDW customers include companies in the semiconductor, defense, imaging, printing, photonics and automotive manufacturing industries, Webster said. Customers are spread out to California and as far south as Florida, he said. They include Bell & Howell and General Dynamics. Most of the competition the company faces is centered overseas, he said. WDW supplies precision parts for such applications as airport security, including equipment used in the process for screening containers and luggage for explosives. Webster said the company doesn’t build the actual X-Ray machines but the enclosures or framework.

He said keys to the company’s success include the ability to keep up with current technology. Some of the machines WDW uses can cost as much as $400,000, and the company is constantly updating its software. Other keys include working closely with customers and providing a fast turnaround, usually within a week. “The way we are set up we are able to pivot very quickly to meet our customers’ needs,” he said. With a staff of 13 employees, WDW is adept at completing tasks on time, he said. “We are small enough that we can respond quickly to our customers’ changes, but we are big enough that we can get the high end changes done,” he said.

Release Date: 12/20/15 - Eagle Tribune
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HAMPSTEAD — WDW Machine Inc., a precision machining and metal fabricating company, recently moved into a new 6,000-square-foot facility at 17R Gigante Drive in Hampstead. To better serve its current customers and acquire new ones, WDW Machine took the initiative to expand its capabilities via a new climate-controlled building with better workflow, according to a press release. 

Founded in 2002, WDW Machine's customer base includes Fortune 1,000 companies, prominent local corporations as well as startups. Wilbur D. Webster, president of WDW Machine Inc., said in the release that the expansion "is a sign of our continued commitment to our customers."

News Release: 07/11/11 - ​WDW Machine receives ITAR Registration
WDW Machine Inc., a leading contract manufacturing company is proud to announce that they have received their International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) Registration.

ITAR is a program directed by the US Department of State, regulating the export and import of U.S. military and defense related equipment and information. Companies receiving this certification must have the knowledge and understanding to fully comply with ITAR, as well as having corporate procedures and controls in place to ensure compliance. The ITAR Registration means that WDW Machine is able to fully support military and defense-related projects in the United States.

“WDW Machine’s ongoing commitment to quality and meeting the needs of our defense and military customers is what makes us stand out within our marketplace," said Wilbur D. Webster, President, WDW Machine Inc. "It is a sign of our continued commitment to our customers and we look forward to working with them in regards to this initiative."

Founded in 2002, WDW Machine, Inc. has maintained a singular focus on supplying high quality precision-machined parts with expedited turnaround. Our customer base includes a number of Fortune 1,000 companies as well as many prominent local corporations. WDW customers are leaders in the semiconductor, defense, imaging, printing, photonics, and automotive manufacturing industries.


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