​​​The Standard of Excellence


17R Gigante Drive | Hampstead | New Hampshire 03841
​Phone:[603] 329-9604 | Fax:  [603] 329-6170


  • 2-D AutoCAD
  • 3-D Autodesk Inventor
  • 3-D SolidWorks
  • Design of tooling fixtures for accurate and rapid part production.
  • Extensive expertise with mechanical assemblies and critical machining. 
  • We can supply you with different options and an unbiased review of your designs.
  • We work with you and your engineering team to fine-tune your designs.


  • We can conduct structural analysis of your design and interference analysis of your assemblies, 
  • which will greatly reduce the cost associated with re-designs and additional prototyping.
  • Thermal analysis can pinpoint potential heating/cooling problems, which can quickly be corrected in the early stages of design.


  • Full documentation services are available. From geometric tolerance to 3-D rendering for presentations.
  • We document to ANSI, ISO, or what ever your standard may be.
  • We can set your assemblies in motion and supply you with full streaming avi video files of the interactions between components.
  • Exploded views of assemblies and bill of materials can be quickly generated within the 3-D design environment.

Project Management

  • Take advantage of our expertise in project management. From concept to production, success lies in the details.
  • We can help you manage your project and maximize your return on investment.