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​​​The Standard of Excellence


WDW Machine has extensive experience with providing high accuracy custom precision slide assemblies for a variety of applications. These assemblies often employ ball or roller slides from various manufacturers, THK and IKO being the most common. Ultra-stable materials, specialized fixturing, state-of-the art CNC equipment and proprietary tooling and machining methods are used to create extremely accurate slide assemblies at reasonable prices. 

Slides as long as 40 inches (1020 mm) with as little as 0.0002 inch (5 micron) of total run-out are possible at WDW Machine. Plain mechanical slides without motion control and linear motor style slides with integrated drive and position feedback are available. We feature high-accuracy and high-speed equipment. 

​Our CNC milling and turning centers and state-of the-art CAD/CAM systems allow us to produce high-quality parts precision-machined to your specifications. 

Ask our staff of machining experts about our CAD/CAM capabilities, working from either drawings or CAD files.