17R Gigante Drive | Hampstead | New Hampshire 03841
​Phone:[603] 329-9604 | Fax:  [603] 329-6170

​​​The Standard of Excellence

WDW Machine offers high quality  machining for all types of products in virtually all materials. Our workmanship is second to none. We specialize in CNC precision machining and intricate high precision subassemblies such as high accuracy slides. We deliver top quality at very competitive prices. WDW Machine has the capability to do it. We take pride in our relationships with customers and our ability to meet their needs and schedules. We work closely with our customers, often from the conceptual stages through quick turn prototype fabrication and into full production. WDW is Southern New Hampshire premier cnc machine shop


  • State-of-the-art machining equipment and expertise. 
  • High quality work in both prototype and production runs.
  • Assisting customers with design, assembly and production.
  • Continuously updated state-of-the-art equipment with CAD/CAM capabilities.
  • Expertise in machining virtually all materials.
  • Centrally located in NH *5,800 facility.